Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yahoo: Stephen Curry's mother fines him for turnovers

Heartwarming NBA news is always welcome. How about Warriors point guard Stephen Curry's mother fining him for turnovers?

It's a neat little trick to keep Curry's head in the game, and at $100 per turnover is expensive enough to add up over a season ($6,000 for 2013-2014, according to the article), yet is not at all crippling. I like the idea, as someone who enjoys exploring different ideas of incentivizing. It seems to work, according to Curry himself. The money goes toward mother Sonya's tastes in fashion. Unless she's planning on buying a wardrobe of suits and cocktail gowns, that $6,000 should be more than enough.

As someone who is passionate about bargain hunting, even for the mundane items, perhaps I should act as a consultant on these sprees?

Writer Ben Rohrbach's closing salvo is well taken: "Now, if only Josh Smith's mom would fine him a hundred bucks every time he jacked a 3-pointer." The amount of lending Smith would have to do in order to pay off that debt would probably be enough to resurrect Bear Stearns... until/unless Smith defaulted, of course.

(Apologies for the video aspect of the article. It isn't my fault, I swear! The article is still completely readable without it, so feel free to mute/pause.)

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