Friday, September 30, 2016

September's Writing Prompt [Amazing Stories]: The Best Terrain

I'm at it again on Amazing Stories!

This time, it's setting-focused. The plot is uncertain until partway through the first part of any story that would be written about the subject.

The Best Terrain - published today

A genie approaches you with an offer he’s forcing you to take. The offer is this: you have to choose a type of terrain. Your options are forest, plains, desert, beach, or any other you can think of, as long as it’s a type of terrain. (No cities.) The following morning, you will wake up on that terrain at a random spot in the world. Getting home is your responsibility, not the genie’s. You have ten minutes to decide. If you don’t choose something, the genie will choose for you, and he’s a very grumpy genie.
What do you pick?

Getting to pick the type of terrain means no ocean dumps. (That grumpy genie might send you there if you don't pick, though.)

The protagonist's decision-making process tells a lot of the story: not only where he or she ends up but also which other characters might appear. For example, I don't think the protagonist will befriend a harp seal in the midde of the Sahara. With so much possible, and so little of the story told before the big event (although the protagonist will have to do some all-weather preparation!), it's a prompt a hundred people can write a hundred different ways.

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