Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Me on Amazing Stories: Multiple Intelligences and "The Little Black Bag"

I now have a blog on Amazing Stories. Amazing Stories is one of the oldest science fiction magazines in existence, having first come about in April 1926. It's been discontinued at times but now survives with blogs attached for the present day.

My first entry, "Multiple Intelligences in 'The Little Black Bag'", is now available for consumption. It applies Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences, especially interpersonal and intrapersonal, to a story in which intelligence is paramount but even the smartest suffer. Cyril Kornbluth's "The Little Black Bag" is an unheralded classic of science fiction, so I was happy to make a discussion of it my first entry.

I'll also post writing prompts over there. The Amazing Stories format, more narrowly focused than here but with less of an obligation to be remotely entertaining, fits them perfectly. While you're here, you can read about anything from raccoons to early 18th-century religious spats. While you're there, classic SF (up until about 1960 unless I decide otherwise) is king.

Here's my author page: http://amazingstoriesmag.com/authors/matthew-pm-gordon/

A fun quirk: unlike the typical every Monday, every Friday, etc. format, I'll be posting full entries over there on the 10th of every month and writing prompts on the 30th.

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