Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

It's Leap Day. It happens once every four years. Statistically, it's more special than your birthday or Christmas. It's my friend's birthday. (Hi, Kris!) The last time it happened, I was out for dinner with a friend. (Hi, Emily!) Now, I'm sitting at home having my first Leap Day drink in at least eight years. It's a joyous day.

Plenty of websites will give you the history of Leap Day. What I think is more interesting is how rare Leap Day is, a quarter as common as all annual holidays, yet it comes just as regularly. It's like waiting for an Olympics (specific to season) or a US Presidential Election. A day like today makes us ask: what else could be so rare? (As opposed to, say, literal leaping. Even among humans.)

Putrella the gigantic carnivorous plant doesn't bloom very often.

Poland doesn't do well in the World Cup very often.

Deimos just doesn't come along as often as Phobos.

Some events need to be cherished. Leap Day, you're one of them!

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