Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dragonvale: The Napkins

It's something of a miracle I hadn't blogged about Dragonvale before now. I've been playing the game since early November and have acquired hundreds of adorable little dragons since then, including such notables as two Sun Dragons, four Leap Year Dragons, a Rainbow Dragon, a Panlong Dragon, a Cotton Dragon, a Victory Dragon, numerous gemstone dragons, and the legendary Kairos.

Nina S. Levy, a mother and blogger who I can't envision having leftover time for much else given how busy she looks, painted some beautiful Dragonvale-themed napkins for her sons a couple years ago. They are all incredibly done and will no doubt survive in the boys' lives as valuable pieces of their art collections. I've certainly never seen anything comparable on a napkin medium.

Some of my favourites:
Fire Dragon
Sun Dragon
Moon Dragon

Each has its own thoughtful message to the recipient. Looks like the boys enjoyed some good lunches.

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