Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chairman of the Whored

This story has nothing to do with me except that a character has the same name as me. I never knew exactly who I'd be as a fictional character. As it turns out, I'm the colleague and friend of a lawyer-turned-prostitute who, well, seems to like her quite a bit. From Dark Haven Book Reviews:

For her parents’ sake, Leila the lawyer becomes Charlotte the whore. It’s a financially lucrative business, and now with only a few jobs needed to finish paying off the debt, there’s light at the end of this sordid tunnel. However, the unexpected brings her whoring and professional side crashing together when her boss, Joseph Merchant, with her colleague and friend, Matthew Gordon, hire her for a night. A one night ménage tryst opens the door to emotional and sexual ramifications that affect them all. Her boss, may be the choreographer of their ensuing sexual dance, but it’s still up to Leila to choose her partner and decide the life she’ll lead.

Being in law school makes this passage feel oddly fitting. (NOTE: In case it wasn't already clear, this character bears no resemblance to me that I can tell from this review.)

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