Monday, July 1, 2019

Happy Canada Day from Silent Lake

Happy Canada Day 2019!

I've posted on Canada Day here before, but this time, I have pictures of a dragonfly, my dog Ory, and the water, all from beautiful Silent Lake Provincial Park in Southern Ontario:

Happy Canada Day!

NOTE: Famed Vancouver photographer Suzanne Rushton saw my dragonfly pictures and informed me that there's apparently a subculture of "macro insects" photography. I am now a member!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Matthew. I was recalling with my friends while camping about how often I used to see dragonflies in the city when I was a kid, and how rare they seem to be now. It was awesome whenever they would whizz by like bullets while bike riding through the neighbourhood.

    I was heartened to see a swarm of them flying overhead and dancing in the morning's blue sky.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures.