Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Alice Opens the Door at the Toronto Reference Library

I've mentioned my veneration of Lewis Carroll on here. I've also written a story (available for free in almost any e-reader format!) that borrows heavily from Carroll's style.

I've also mentioned my membership in the Toronto Writers' Cooperative, no matter how poorly the picture of me turns out. TOWC meets at the Toronto Reference Library most Sundays.

Put Lewis Carroll in the Toronto Reference Library, and you get Alice Opens the Door. I went this past Sunday (the 27th), its very last day. I exited the exhibit five minutes before it closed.

Inside, there were an assortment of Alice-related treats from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass, and whatever else felt relevant. There was even a pop-up book featuring select scenes. My favourite was a pop-up table where the March Hare, the dormouse and the Mad Hatter perpetually sit for tea, with Alice looking perturbed at the whole production.

I now really, really want to play this board game I saw at the exhibit.

It's conceptually almost identical to Candyland, but it has that great Wonderland aesthetic.

Although Alice's door has closed, there are rotating exhibits. They're all free! Check the TRL as they emerge.

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