Sunday, July 3, 2016

Maple Leaves: The Pictures

Toronto over Canada Day weekend is a great place to be inspired to take pictures of maple leaves. There are certainly enough of them - species there include Norway, silver and sugar.

I had the pleasure to go for a walk yesterday and snap a couple pictures of these beautiful, patriotic plants.

Here's the lucky sugar maple leaf I found on the ground and carried with me home:

Here's a close-up I took of a Norway maple:

Leafs jerseys have generally echoed the silver maple, as they do now, but the 11-pointed design from 1970-2016 more closely resembles a sugar maple leaf. This 1970-2016 was chosen to look more like the Canadian flag and less stylized. The Canadian flag's maple leaf was chosen for its visibility in turbulent wind conditions, not for any arboreal reason, so North America's historical sugar maple enthusiasts may need to temper their joy over this one. From that last article: they're "sylvan beauty" indeed!

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