Sunday, July 31, 2016

July's Writing Prompt [Amazing Stories]: Two Worlds

Every night, while you sleep, a coin is flipped. When you wake up, you wake up in one of two worlds.

(from Jarek Berecki via Dribbble)

Here's my writing prompt for July on Amazing Stories.

There are two worlds: one above ground and one below ground. When you wake up each day, you wake up in one of the two worlds, each with a 1/2 probability. You retain all your possessions, all your relationships, all your obligations, all your rights… but you can’t physically move them between worlds. There is also no contact between the two worlds.

There are almost infinite possibilities. Are the two worlds remotely similar? Is your occupation, social status, location, etc. the same in each, or wildly different? If you have children, how do you allocate child care duties?

You may favour one of the worlds. Maybe you'll fall asleep each night praying you'll wake up in one... or maybe they'll be so similar you'll be indifferent.

Having the same people in each world means you're likely to have certain commonalities, like language. Beyond that, anything could happen every time you shut your eyes...


I admit some Slice 'N' Hook influence here. I hope I'm among many in that being my favourite computer game.

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