Friday, June 20, 2014

LinkedIn Pulse: 5 Signs You're Going to Make It Big One Day

I'm on LinkedIn, and I enjoy it quite a bit, yet I rarely mention it on here. Well, now I am.

This article released yesterday by Ariella Coombs, her first for the site, is exactly what the title says. In order to reproduce as little of the article as possible, and to make everything nice and accessible, here are the 5 Signs:

1. You’ve Got A Dream (A Big One!)
2. You’ve Got A Road Map, But You're Prepared To Take Detours
3. You’re Extremely Curious
4. You’re A Little Cocky (Just A Little)
5. You Realize Failure Is A Minor Setback, Not A Game Changer

While this isn't empirically tested or peer-reviewed, it's an uplifting little editorial. I hope I'm five for five.

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