Monday, June 23, 2014

Eyeball Selfies

The wide world of selfies needs something new. I propose eyeball selfies. They can look very different based on how far the camera is from your face, how open your eye is, what the lighting's like, and (ouch) whether you accidentally left the flash on. They're also uniquely you.

Here are four I took last week. You can see I was pretty tired at the time.

Eye partially closed: It looks a little like an oyster with a moustache.


Eye open, less zoomed in: You can see the eye clearly but you can also see my hair wasn't in the greatest shape that day.


Flash on: This looks like something from the Blair Witch Project, only better.


True close-up: I think this is the best one. Behold my eye!


That's all for now. Try some of your own!

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