Thursday, April 16, 2020

The COVID-19 Menu So Far

I've been self-isolated for a month today. I haven't entered a store in that time. (Hooray for online groceries!) I haven't been on public transit in that time. Some days, I go little farther than the dumpster outside my apartment building.

I've been reading extensively, although I've only written one review so far. (More to come! Soon!) 

What I have done is cook a lot more recipes that need time to bake, roast, simmer or otherwise absorb all their great flavours. The advantages of being stuck at home...

Chicken leg with okra and maple BBQ seasoning:

Hot dogs with sautéed onions, Dijon mustard and sriracha:

Schnitzel with brown butter sauce:

Moroccan lentil and rice soup:

Cheese dreams:

Bacon mac 'n' cheese:

Black bean curry soup:

May your social distancing be tasty!

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