Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Last Month of the 2010s

Over the course of this month, blustery December 2019, I'll be blogging largely about the decade in review.

An opening note, for those interested in blog post data: This is my 38th blog entry so far in 2019. In every other year since the start of this blog in 2012, I finished the year with a number of blog entries either in the 50s (50-59) or the 20s (20-29). Here are the results:

2012: 55
2013: 53
2014: 29
2015: 54
2016: 57
2017: 23
2018: 29

Unless I blog 12 more times this month, which would be my highest blogging month ever, I will finish 2019 with a total either in the 30s (30-39) or the 40s (40-49). Although a goal of 52 is admirable, as that represents one entry per week, a move away from the boom-bust nature of my blogging quantity is probably for the best.

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