Friday, August 3, 2018

Spring-Summer Highlights

I don't usually post much about myself on social media, but in honour of my 31st birthday today, I will.

May, June, July and August (already) have been exciting months. I've:
  • seen Angel Witch live at Lee's Palace
  • gone to the Preakness
  • seen most of the National Mall in Washington DC
  • hiked Mount Nemo
  • made a root beer kit
  • made my own hot sauce for the first time in a while
  • had my dog's picture on the wall of my local pub
  • attended the Doug Ford inauguration party
  • gone to Ripley's Aquarium
  • gone to Niagara on the Lake
  • shown friends from across North America around my hometown Toronto
  • just today, walked from Roncesvalles to Etobicoke Point.
Pictures to follow ASAP. You won't miss these!

This is what I do when I'm not reading, whether law or literature, apparently.
(July's book coming soon as well.)

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