Friday, April 29, 2016

Lifeforce Expired

Here's a fun writing prompt I wrote, synopsis-style, on the subway this morning. It's for a hypothetical action movie with an over-the-top premise. It was probably influenced by some books I've read, as well as my one-time Law & Order: SVU and Castle fandom.


GENRE: Action, Thriller, Crime

John Gunn is an escaped convict who has assumed an identity as Philip Stangman, a mild-mannered private dick with a thirst for whisky and a hunger for the facts. The streets of North Philadelphia are teeming with crime, and drug lord Darien Stone is orchestrating one of the largest heroin deals of the century. One of Gunn’s files, a philandering husband with fewer morals than sense, is a small-time dealer who leads Gunn into one of the most dangerous parts of America… and right into the hands of Stone. Can Gunn stop the deal from going through, or will there be a surge of smack over his bullet-riddled corpse?

This is… Lifeforce Expired.

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