Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Happy Memories List

In the spirit of American Thanksgiving, and associated Panthers blowout victories, it seems like a perfect time to post an idea I had recently. For all the emotions that come up in the books I've discussed here, and for all the ways I've felt throughout the challenges I've endured, I've had barely anything to say about happiness. Seriously - this is what searching "happiness" gets you on this blog. One post, about virtues and sins of all things, which are only conditionally happy based on your experiences.

I hope it isn't too surprising, then, how happy a person I am. I think about happiness a lot, whether about its meaning, its sources, or ways to acquire more. I'm also fond of tracking things. Combining the two gave me this idea:

The Happy Memories List

It's a simple concept that has no doubt been repeated elsewhere. It may also resemble a really lazy diary or journal. It's quick and has a few practical uses, though, so here it is.

Every night, before you go to sleep, write down one happy memory you made that day. Then write down one happy memory you look forward to making the next day.

It combines the cherished nature of memories with the ability to make yourself be excited about something you'll do tomorrow. It's quick too.

I'll be doing it in Excel... I do love Excel.

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