Friday, May 22, 2015

"The" Things People Search for on Wikipedia

Yesterday, when searching hand-dandy ol' Wikipedia for one of its hundreds of thousands of articles starting with the word "The", Wikipedia's commonly searched terms decided to give me some options:

Entries starting in "The" should be relatively neutral, after all, allowing us to see what people tend to search. There's no, say, "Xip" opening leading to prehistoric mega-predator-fish Xiphactinus tainting the search results.

Apparently, people love their pop culture and Darwin. Interestingly, "Theory of evolution" was the one selected article not to begin with the word "The" itself. I can understand wanting to talk about the Beatles. I haven't even bothered reading "The intersection of Clinton & Fidelity", which for humour's sake* I hope is an intersection of streets.

Note also the featured article on rodents. Cute. If I knew a Laura, I'd try to celebrate the supercontinent of Laurasia with her.

*You see what I'm referencing here. Yes, you do. Don't act like you don't.

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