Sunday, April 5, 2015

Celebrate with the Easter Dogs!

Everyone loves the Easter Bunny. (Well, maybe not quite everyone.) Spring is a great time to fawn over all kinds of adorable animals, though - like dogs - and Easter is far from an exception. Here's a brief sampling of North American temperate-zone canines all decked out for the day of Christ's rising, in photos and drawings:

The Easter Fox
(The Rustic Fox)

Foxes do love eggs, as likes to point out.

The Easter Wolf
(Adela Bishop and Carole Czapla)

Maria Ferguson of Everything Wolf confirms that wolves are quite fond of Easter eggs themselves.

Not only wildlife get into the spirit, though...

German shepherds appear better suited for Easter bunny bodyguard (bunnyguard?) duty, whether the bunny is real*...

...or just made of chocolate.**

Happy Easter!

*For the love of all that is good in this world, don't create this situation unless the animals know each other.^
**As above but make sure the dog doesn't perceive the chocolate as food.^
^Neither of the above are actually meant to be dog ownership advice, more so a "don't try this at home"-style disclaimer.

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