Friday, January 23, 2015

I Have Three Cats... Well... *I* Don't, But Someone Does

This is a very aptly named blog.

I can't fault the honesty of anyone who has a blog called "I Have Three Cats". It's exactly what it sounds like. I suppose it's not the most honest in the world considering he now has a fourth cat, but this doesn't take away from the blog's inherent cuteness. It adds 33.3% to that cuteness, actually.

Some of the entries get far more specific than is probably necessary, such as this gem from Wednesday's entry"Kola has been experiencing runny poop. I didn’t know it was his until this morning. He is a very clean animal, especially considering his long, airy fur. But this morning, his bum was matted with…unpleasantness." While I love cats, I don't love poop. I feel like a lot of people could say that. That said, the same entry features this beautiful picture of the aforementioned Kola.

In Monday's entry, blogger John Bellen reveals he uses the same type of bowls for his cats' water as I do for serving sauces. As someone who has fed his cat (small scraps of!) filet mignon before, I really have no room to call out anyone for privileging cats.

It's amazing to see just how much we do with what we think of as our spare, leisure or family time. This blog could be all three. It's at least the last one. Besides, people blog about all sorts of things they do.

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