Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Soup Diet Week

In 2000, psychiatrist and columnist Ralph Pohlman wrote a week-long diet guide for the Toronto Sun. Thirteen years later, I'm doing it! A friend and I will spend a week, starting tomorrow at 12:00AM and finishing on Tuesday, September 10 at 11:59PM, on this diet. She wants to lose weight and I like to think I'm a supportive friend.

The diet is based on a tomato and cabbage-based soup my mom has made a few times. It's delicious... the first three or four times. Subsisting on this soup and only prescribed foods should be special, to say the least.

Here's a textual version of the diet:

As much soup as possible may be eaten in addition to the following.

Day 1 (Wednesday, September 4): fruit other than bananas
Day 2 (Thursday, September 5): vegetables other than beans, peas or corn + baked potato
Day 3 (Friday, September 6): fruit and vegetables
Day 4 (Saturday, September 7): six bananas + six glasses of skim milk
Day 5 (Sunday, September 8): steak + can of tomatoes or six fresh tomatoes
Day 6 (Monday, September 9): beef (may be substituted for chicken or fish) + vegetables
Day 7 (Tuesday, September 10): brown rice + unsweetened fruit juice + vegetables

Here's the soup, freshly made.

I'll be giving sporadic updates during the week to let everyone know how it goes.

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