Monday, March 18, 2013

Shirt Laundry Challenge

I like challenging myself to do all kinds of different things. Sometimes they're ambitious, lofty, or meaningful, like the venerable Book a Week 2012. Other times, not so much. This challenge falls in the latter category.

I last did laundry on March 10th. I imagine I'll be doing laundry again soon. This next time, though, I won't be washing any shirts. Or the next time. Or (possibly) the time after that. The challenge is to see how many days I can go without washing a shirt. Re-wearing a shirt also isn't allowed. On days when I don't need to leave the apartment, not wearing a shirt is fine.

For the record, I own 43 shirts, at least that are with me in my current home. (There are a couple sitting around at my parents' place but that's a four-hour flight away.) They come in a variety of styles, colours, and appropriateness in different situations. How will I allocate these shirts to yield the longest possible non-laundry streak? I'll have to balance this hopefully next month and then some among everything from double-cuff dress shirts to the rattiest band shirts from my younger days. It's easy to have enough shirts planned out when you wash them every two weeks - what happens when you can't?

This might end up being environmentally friendly in the form of saving energy. More likely, it'll result in a massive load of laundry when I finally give in and wash my shirts.

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