Saturday, March 24, 2012


For those who aren't familiar with me (and I imagine most of you aren't), hi! I'm Matt. I love books. I read them. I write them. I keep them beside my bed. I have way too much to say about them and have resorted to blogging in order to keep my thoughts straight.

A few things to expect from this blog:

-Book a Week. I'm reading a book every week of 2012, finishing each Saturday. I've been posting my entries on my RateYourMusic page since the start of the year but I'll also be posting them here now. To see my earlier entries, go here:

-Thoughts on books. This will likely be lists of my favourite books and/or new books I think are wonderful and that people should read.

-Thoughts on oddball news stories. I love any kind of news story that comes out of nowhere to remind us just how amazing our world is. I may not have much to say about it but I'll provide an impression and a link.

-Links to my stories and books. I write fiction and invite you to read it! I typically write shorter, easily digestible pieces that I will be making available free for laptops and e-readers everywhere via the technological innovation that is Smashwords. Other vehicles may get involved as well but Smashwords will be the first one.

-Administrative details. Yes, you'll be able to find a link to my Twitter account on here, for example.

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